Rapid responses

Corporation tax

[Re: How corporation tax myths poison the wider debate, yesterday]
There is an assumption among many people that large multinationals exist solely to pay corporation tax. These companies aren’t seen as broadly useful businesses, which provide services and sources of employment to millions, but as a means of sourcing money for the government. It’s time that this faulty assumption is disabused. Campaigners need to be reminded that businesses are primarily there to provide returns to their owners and shareholders. The payment of tax is a consequence of businesses being successful at this core purpose.

David Peddy, managing director of Surgical Instrument Group Holdings


Future of the BBC

[Re: It’s time for the BBC to allow its viewers freedom to choose, Monday]
I fully agree that the license fee should be replaced by a subscription service. But I think we should also go further. We should restructure the BBC as a consumer cooperative, and make its subscribers its owners.

George Mulberry

The breadth of the BBC’s director general’s responsibilities are absurd. It’s right that the job be split. But this would then open up a larger issue. How many excellent journalists would be willing or able to give up their careers to become full-time bureaucrats, overseeing a huge organisation?

John Page



The credibility of the Bank of England’s 2 per cent inflation forecasts is lacking. Inflation is always forecast at 2 per cent, but never is.

Inflation has been falling the whole of this year. Most of this particular rise is due to tuition fees. It’s a spike.

Surprised by the inflation rise? You wouldn’t be if you realised how much the pound has fallen over the last five years.

More work flexibility would be good for employees, but very difficult for small businesses to administer.