Rapid responses

Heseltine’s project

[Re: A corporatist economic growth plan that won’t rescue UK Plc, yesterday]

It is good the government is exploring ways to support growth. But Michael Heseltine’s solutions, including greater state intervention and regulation, are unlikely to help businesses. Better access to funding and national insurance holidays, for example, would be of more practical benefit and would have an immediate impact.

Geraint Jones, private client partner at Reeves

Heseltine’s suggestion that local councils should be given more powers is sensible, especially if it is done in concert with radical reform of the planning system. This could have a serious impact on growth.

John Gordon


Corporate holiday

[Re: UK ministers are failing to support business tourism, Monday]

Kevin Murphy is absolutely right, especially about ministerial lethargy and overly bureaucratic visa process for business visitors from China and Russia. It’s time the UK government woke up to the value of business events and conferences to the London economy. London 2012 showed Britain’s ability to do these things.

Paul Colston

[Re: If corporation tax didn’t exist it would be madness to introduce it, yesterday]

As Paul Ormerod says, corporation tax falls on individuals – not on some abstract legal entity.

Paul Colston



Good on John Hayes for intervening on wind farms. We want green energy, but not by means that can damage the environment.

We don’t want to create “lasting structural reform” of the EU, David Cameron. Its ethos makes it unreformable. We just want out.

Labour’s positioning on the EU budget has been shamelessly opportunistic. They oppose cuts in the UK.

I’m astonished that Lord Heseltine has put forward so comprehensive a vision for a corporatist state.