Rapid Responses

Don’t tax wealth

[Re: Clegg’s confused narrative offers no remedy to Britain’s problems, Thursday]

Nick Clegg’s suggestion of another tax on wealth is good politics but a dirty way to look for votes. It lacks moral merit and any foresight on how to tackle the deep-rooted problems facing an ailing UK economy in recession. He further tarnishes wealth creators, who are already suffering under crippling taxation. He should be rooting out government inefficiencies and ineffectiveness, not closing Britain’s shutters to those with talent and ambition. The British people would lose out, not politicians like Clegg, as lower tax revenues would heighten the need for government cuts and imperil deficit reduction.

Simon Saidi


Leave firms alone

[Re: Why we need a new golden rule for business, yesterday]

It’s interesting that Dan Corry and Peter Kenway don’t mention that the government they were involved with ran a deficit in the good years, while the economy was growing. They imply that Gordon Brown was not to blame for fiscal incontinence, but the problem was pesky businesses running a surplus. This is wrong on so many levels.

Toby Hayes

It’s good that the authors are worrying about the broader economy, and not just the government’s deficit. But this is not the government’s business. More intervention into companies won’t make things better.

Jeremy Taylor