Rapid Responses

Swede dreams

[RE: Sweden turns the page and Scandinavian noir explains why, Tuesday]

It is worth adding that Sweden is also successful because of eight decades of close cooperation between the state, business and unions. Moody’s recently reaffirmed Sweden’s AAA rating and cited not merely its comparatively modest supply-side reforms but also its equal society.

Alexander Milne

It’s amazing that the UK is so far behind Sweden in its education reforms. Once parents are given the freedom to decide which schools to send their children to, they will never vote for this to be taken away. Gove needs to deliver more than free schools.

Daniel Terry


Leading story

[RE: Why a flair for storytelling is vital if you want others to follow you, Wednesday]

No matter how good a storyteller (or story), if there is no substance, you won’t be able to lead people for very long.

A.N. Segoy

Storytelling isn’t the only important thing. Equally important is an ability to involve others to share their stories. The fact is that nobody enjoys a one-sided story. You also need to involve your audience in the conversation and share their experiences. If you can make someone else feel important in a conversation, they will keep coming back to you since you have the power to inspire them.

Ameya Dhupella