Rapid Responses

Football antics

[Re: An Olympian defends football stars – at least off the pitch, yesterday]

My interest in football has declined over the years, as I’ve been forced to watch almost daily nonsense from overpaid footballers and their yobbish behaviour. Please don’t make excuses for these bad examples. It’s disgraceful. Team GB demonstrated a commendable example to the UK, and an ethical lesson to everyone in football.

Phil Hicks

Yes, footballers are often badly behaved, but it’s probably because they’re so young and overpaid. You can hardly blame a 19 year old for spending his millions on enjoying himself. Can anyone truly say they wouldn’t?

Mark Carter


Selling the NHS

[Re: Is the government right to seek to raise revenue by selling NHS services abroad?, yesterday]

Katherine Murphy makes a strange argument. She claims to represent the interests of NHS patients, but seems completely uninterested in any innovative scheme that might further those interests. Change and innovation shouldn’t be a “distraction” to any large organisation, it should be at the very heart of the way it works. Perhaps some of the problems we have with the NHS are a result of its unwillingness to try doing things differently.

Rachel Palmer

It’s all very well selling the NHS abroad, but will anyone want to buy from it?

Paul Bonner



UK government borrowing is up. Of course, it’s not George Osborne’s fault. It’s too many holidays, or too much rain, or Labour.

So how’s that deficit is under control argument working out? I guess the maths is winning against politicians’ rhetoric.

Eurozone leaders will take the opportunity to delay any firm decision on Greece until September. And then there’s Christmas.

Memo to the Greek Prime Minister: If you “need room to breathe”, clamber out the euro corset.