Rapid Responses

Not short changed

[Re: Why Boris owes me £90,000 for Olympic damage, yesterday]

I couldn’t afford to travel from Florida to go to the Olympics and enjoy all that London and Britain had to offer during that fortnight. The Games are expensive, and London isn’t cheap. However, now the big show is over, I’m inspired to see London without the distraction of the sports. I saw Neleen Strauss’s frustration at the lack of tourism during London 2012. To reassure her, I would think there are many who are similarly inspired to visit in the near future. Her losses from the Games can’t be good, but I bet the longer-term return will be excellent. I, for one, will make sure to dine at High Timber restaurant.

Thomas Wade


Guided growth

[Re: Should the government design an industrial strategy for UK growth, yesterday]

The main problem with Kevin Dowd’s complaints about an industrial strategy is that they don’t apply to most major infrastructure projects. There’s no way the private sector could build Boris Island airport without government support. The private sector can fund it, but the green light for development must come from the government.

Nick Reid

Kevin Dowd is right. I don’t want Vince Cable deciding which businesses he judges should succeed. Where will we go next? Limits on successful firms to assuage the bad experiences of the failures?

Sam Wilson



I’ve seen Virgin Trains improve the London commute so that it’s no longer gruelling. I dread losing Sir Richard Branson.

The big fact from yesterday’s job numbers: half the 201,000 increase in UK employment was in London.

UK unemployment: it’s good that it’s failing, claims are down, private sector hiring is up. But record number of part-timers is not good.

So the Australians are going to put cigarettes in plain packaging to deter smoking. I’m fairly sure people don’t smoke for the art work.