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Boris’s £90,000 bill

[Re: Why Boris owes me £90,000 for Olympic damage, Friday]
I have great sympathy with Neleen Strauss’s situation, with no customers at her lovely restaurant due to the Mayor encouraging a mass exit of Londoners. Some of our clients have experienced similar drops in footfall and it’s a heavy cost to bear. The mayor clearly recognised the problem. He pulled those messages from the tube. And I think Strauss hits on the answer. A rebate on business rates for all London businesses would go a long way to redressing the situation. A rebate might help ease the pain and, savvy Boris, swing business support behind you again.

Greig Mccallum, managing director of Balloon Dog

I had a chuckle at the Olympian moaner, Strauss. If you’re sat on a restaurant that does £45,000 per week in turnover, you’re not doing too badly. Throw another chop on that braai and relax.

Charles Bell

Strauss should have charged more than £90,000 to compensate for potential loss of future business. It’s high time that someone pacified politicians by making them personally liable for the reckless decisions that infringe on the livelihood of others. Boris Johnson’s call to maintain the Olympic dream, through big infrastructure projects, won’t deliver economic growth in itself. Companies must be allowed to thrive.

Simon Saidi


Painting postboxes gold in the hometowns of gold medal winners is a genius example of British eccentricity.

It’s great that Boris wants to take advantage of the Olympic buzz, but more must be done to help us get around London on bikes.

Sir John Major’s star continues to rise, deservedly. We should all praise his Olympic legacy.

Where is George Osborne? Zero growth this year, and not a peep. There should be wall to wall coverage of what he plans to do.