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Olympic reversal

[Re: Even sceptics must now embrace the greatest show on earth, Friday]
Like many Londoners, I felt massively unexcited about the Olympics. Compared to the Diamond Jubilee, it felt over-organised, dominated by large corporations, and disconnected from the ordinary tempo of the nation. But in the last few days my feelings have reversed. The Torch relay showed a genuine enthusiasm for a simpler spirit – the quiet achievements of the torchbearers rather than the commercialism of the sponsors. Boris Johnson’s remarkable speech at Hyde Park was a clarion call for everyone to cheer up and enjoy the occasion. We’re spending billions. Now we should ensure those billions aren’t wasted.

Joseph King


A chance for Boris

My one hope from these Games is that Boris Johnson can use them as a springboard to genuinely capture the public’s imagination. The coalition’s credibility has collapsed, Labour’s alternative is unrealistic. Only Boris has the personality and policies to rescue Britain. Once the Olympics are over, he should resign the mayorship, stand for parliament, and challenge David Cameron with a radical alternative vision to transform the UK.

Anthony Smith

Boris Johnson is the only politician I can think of who inspires true optimism among voters. How different these Games would feel if Ken Livingstone were mayor.

Joanne Rhoades


It’s great to see how the Olympics has brought some much-needed regeneration to our often neglected capital.

It’s very British to have a pop at ourselves and the Olympics is no exception. But now is the time to stop all that and enjoy ourselves.

It’s taken seven years, but positive Olympics fever has finally started in London. Let the Games begin.

I’m glad Boris Johnson is our Olympic mayor of London. I doubt Ken Livingstone would have had the same enthusiasm.