Green fiasco

[Re: UK energy policies are sabotaging industry’s global competitiveness, Tuesday]

Tony Lodge gets right to the core of why we can’t climb out of recession. The Climate Change Act, passed as the economy tipped off a cliff, stands as one of the greatest acts of stupidity in living memory. Britain won’t grow if it’s latched to policies that make it exorbitantly expensive to produce anything.

Paul Hannah

What is not mentioned in this article is the fact that, by pushing energy-intensive production overseas, we aren’t ending carbon emissions. We’re simply forcing them elsewhere – to places with less concern for the physical environment.

Sam Field


Crisis management

[Re: Manufacturing output to drop during 2012 on trade problems, Monday]

UK manufacturers are facing a challenging time, but many could do more to ensure their businesses can cope with global economic crises. Zurich research shows that most fail to implement basic safeguards to prevent disruptions to their supply chains. UK manufacturers are at the mercy of global economic crises, but neglecting simple, fundamental measures means they increase the severity of disruptions and the subsequent impact on their bottom line. UK manufacturers can help themselves. They should map out their key suppliers and plan ahead to avoid unnecessary cost burdens.

David Carey, head of corporate insurance at Zurich Insurance