RAPID responses

Olympic strikes

[Re: It’s not all bad: Britain is becoming safer despite recession, Friday]
The good news in this article is that the criminals are at least giving us a break in our time of difficulties. On the other hand, a powerful and selfish minority of immigration and border control workers want to put us in danger and inconvenience us, precisely when we’re meant to be showcasing our best.

Steve Gresswell

This strike action is an indictment of our country’s industrial relations laws. When will a brave government do the right thing and require unions to have a clear majority of its members in support of any strike?

Emma Franklin


Pay on merit

[Re: The next governor of the Bank must not be paid for failure, Friday]
Syed Kamall proposes a nice idea – that governors of the Bank of England should be paid for hitting inflation targets – but I think the requirement to hit the target within 12 months would encourage irresponsible rate-setting to save a job. This is especially true as it can take two years for any change now to take its proper effect.

Mark Powell

I’m pleased that Kamall proposes a sensible idea to prevent another crisis, but I’m not sure the best way to frame it is by attacking Sir Mervyn King. Politicians appear ridiculous if they blame our economic woes on him.

Sam Dunne


I respect the border force staff, but it’s wrong to threaten strike action on the eve of the Olympics. We must be a united Kingdom.

Everyone on the left who is attacking the concept of outsourcing public services after G4S needs an answer to the border strike.

I struggle to understand why Lloyds Bank is an Olympic sponsor. The taxpayer bailed it out and it’s now bailing out the Olympics.

There’s at least some good news for Scottish separatists. Gordon Brown has joined the Unionist campaign.