Let Heathrow fly

[Re: We need supply-side reforms not more off-balance sheet spending, yesterday]

This is an excellent article. If only the government would take notice and read it. Infrastructure is vital to economic growth but, as is made clear here, experience has proven that the private sector is more capable at providing it than the public sector. Why won’t the government let the private sector build a third runway at Heathrow? There would be no downside risk to the taxpayer, either on the government’s balance sheet or off of it. All the government must do is remove unnecessary regulations and planning laws. If such a project were to fail, it would fail and private firms would take the hit.

Steve Okare


Growth strategies

[Re: Britain’s economy: a case of lies, damn lies and statistics, yesterday]

An ever-increasing amount of Britain’s work is unproductive. Businesses must cope with constant new regulations and tax changes. And things have become worse under the coalition, despite promises to the contrary. The government could help by doing less.

John Moss

It’s tempting to read an article like this and moan about how UK workers are trapped in an economic context that prevents their success. But we have a fairly flexible labour market and promising, ambitious ideas can still get funding. This recession is an opportunity for everyone to work harder.

Tony Purvis