Coalition in peril

[Re: Massive revolt by Tory MPs is beginning of the end for coalition, yesterday]

The Tories’ big failure is economic. Why is it that their biggest insurrection is over something as marginal as Lords reform?

John Page

We don’t need a House of Lords. Or a monarchy for that matter. A unicameral parliament in a republic, with only 400 MPs, would be a better solution for Britain. It would be both cheaper and more efficient.

Bill Forge

Politicians clearly can’t be trusted to sort the Lords out. We need a referendum now.

Claudia Faria


Penalising savers

[Re: Should the government consider removing state benefits from wealthier pensioners, yesterday]

As a pensioner with a free TV license, and one who has not taken a holiday since 1989, I have probably saved enough to disqualify myself from most benefits. Others, who have taken a holiday every year, probably haven’t. Would the consequences of means-testing always be fair? In addition, the whole process would be complex and the cost enormous. To keep things as simple as possible, we should leave universal benefits alone, and prevent the economy from being lumbered by another army of bureaucrats, all busily assessing the financial resources of 6m pensioners.

Derek Coggrave



Cameron rolls out the red carpet for financially oppressed French. Meanwhile Osborne and Cable tag team to crush the same in the UK.

I really think Labour’s stance on Lord’s reform smacks of blatant political opportunism of the worst kind.

Politicians and voters need to realise that if we want a sustainable NHS, we must sort out social care funding.

Spain has built 48 regional airports in the last 20 years. Only 11 make a profit. That’s why Spain is bankrupt.