Top level failure

[Re: Osborne and Tucker have both been damaged by Libor row, yesterday]

I’m staggered that both Paul Tucker and Bob Diamond didn’t take notes of their telephone conversations, or indeed have them recorded. Under Financial Services Authority regulations, many of us have to. We’d get fined or disbarred if we didn’t.

Quentin Holland, managing director of PQR Financial Planning.

Will George Osborne be chancellor next year? I hope not. I speak as a Conservative.

Maurice Gosfield

How likely is Osborne to be removed by a Prime Minister who can’t see his failings?

John Page


Lords reform costs

[Re: Should MPs vote in favour of the proposed reforms to the House of Lords, yesterday]

The thought of spending £250m reforming the Lords when millions are unemployed, immigration controls at Heathrow are a national disgrace and our armed forces are being cut is nothing short of insanity. It’s about time Nick Clegg was told a few home truths. His party came third at the 2010 general election and his party lost the alternative vote referendum. If he can’t concentrate on the issues that matter to the majority of people in this country then he should leave the government and give what little hope there is of rescuing this nation a chance to succeed.

Alex Sawyer



What should George Osborne do? He should get out of government. He is incompetent and unable to see past party politics.

Well done Bob Diamond for refusing his £20m leaving bonus. He’ll still get castigated for his wages, though.

It makes no sense for Labour to support the principle of Lords reform but not the process. They must will the means as well as the end.

If Marks & Spencer wants to find out why no one likes its clothes, it should look at its stores: Depressing, untidy and confusing.