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UK tennis failures

[Re: Tennis is booming financially – but the cash is wasted, yesterday]

It’s good to read someone is tracking the failures of British tennis. My eight year old son has been playing for three years and support for young players is shockingly inadequate. Most of those parading as coaches add little to improving the game, and a recent trip to Barcelona showed the appalling attitude of young players, who are often indulged by coaches. It’s difficult to see where the Lawn Tennis Association’s annual budget goes. It’s not difficult to produce top players, but attitudes must change and support for younger players should be more available beyond the platitudes we read once Wimbledon is on.

Olaitan Eyiowuawi


Forgive NatWest

[Re: Customers should vote with their feet to punish bad service, Monday]

This article is wrong on two counts. Yes, RBS has made a massive error. I have a NatWest personal and business account and the rent for one of our shops wasn’t honoured, putting us in technical breach of the lease. But, this is not to say someone senior should be sacrificed. This is playing a blame culture. Nothing is foolproof and IT systems are very fallible. This is like the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and could happen to any financial institution. It’s a wonder it doesn’t happen more often. Secondly, advising customers to vote with their feet would cause massive turmoil in the financial sector. And remember, the UK taxpayer ultimately carries the can.

Steve Bradford



The effort that NatWest is using to text and email me apologies is the effort it should be using to fix its business.

The UK budget deficit goes up. So much for savage cuts. Cut the Lib Dems adrift and sort this country out. Low tax, low expenditure.

HS2 should go even further and start looking at joining Dublin via Holyhead tunnel to Birmingham.

Germany keeps putting on the bandages but Europe is still bleeding underneath.