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Marital business

[Re: Selling off unproductive assets is liberating music to a capitalist’s ears, yesterday]

Anthony Evans says he has merged his CD collection with his wife’s, and she has made unofficial assurances that the new entity now belongs to him. I’m afraid his wife now sees the entire collection as a problem. After a brief honeymoon period, she will urge Evans into an ongoing restructuring programme that may include the sale of key assets (limited editions that “don’t fit on the shelf”). He will ultimately be asked to identify 100 titles that will need to satisfy key covenants. These will, six months later, share the fate of the rest of his collection. Don’t say I didn’t warn him.

Ilkley Moore


Diversity in the City

[Re: Will the City ever be representative of London’s broader workforce?, Monday]
Elaborating on David Lammy’s point on the distinction between the City’s desk workers and its desk cleaners, visiting the City during the day is starkly different to visiting at night. But if the things are really going to change, the Cabinet must take a lead. Is this government really representative of Britain as it is today?

Yinka Oyesanya

[Re: Why Germany could eventually lose patience with the euro, yesterday]

For all this talk of countries leaving the euro, there are a good number considering joining – Latvia for one. Will anyone warn them?

John Matthews


Top tweets

The Germans are way too emotionally invested in the euro to ever consider leaving.

Inflation is down to 2.8 per cent because of lower fuel prices. If Cameron really cares about the economy, reduce fuel duty now.

Burma’s reform process is the autocrat’s version of a dot.com IPO: a way for elites to cash out their stakes and ensure comfy retirement.

It took two years from the launch of the iPad to Microsoft to announce Surface. During that time Apple shipped iPad 1, 2 and 3.