Terry Leahy for PM

[Re: Business leaders must speak up in promoting a culture of capitalism, yesterday]

What a brilliant article. It’s a shame our politicians don’t think this way. I can think of only two politicians who practiced Sir Terry Leahy’s philosophy – Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. They liberalised, lightened regulation, set markets free and empowered the individual. They created the foundations for sustained economic growth and prosperity. It’s a shame that subsequent politicians, regulators and central bankers have screwed this up with a combination of misguided monetary policy, excessive government intervention and over-generous welfare provision.

Mark Henderson, director at Credit Suisse


Euro interference

[Re: As the Eurozone crisis heightens, is now the right time for Britain to consider an EU exit?, yesterday]

Stephen Tindale wheels out the tired old adage that EU membership gives us influence. The UK is a member of a club of 27. I would say that being a 1/27th means little influence or none. In any case, our economic model is very different from many EU members, who espouse a social market involving state interference and regulation of most aspects of our lives. In fact, being an EU member, we get the worst of all worlds. Our objections, goals and advice are overruled and we end up having laws, regulations and directives imposed upon us that we neither want nor believe in.

David Peddy