[Re: Wisconsin victory threatens Obama’s November prospects, yesterday]

As Ewan Watt points out, Romney’s victory in Wisconsin moves him from being seen as a GOP one percenter to being a credible threat to Obama. Until now he has been seen by many Republican voters as “not Rick Santorum” or “not Newt Gingrich” and by swing voters as another GOP politician in a $3,000 suit. But if he can keep up momentum, he can turn the attacks on his wealth accumulated from Bain Capital into: Romney, a successful businessman versus Obama, the career politician.

James Williams

It’s worth pointing out that Romney hadn’t visited Wisconsin during the recall process.
Adrian Scott


Up downunder

[Re: Aussienomics: Big cuts, no QE, booming growth, yesterday]

Oliver Cooper highlights many of the factors that help account for Australia’s economic sunshine. The relatively strong public debt position is testament to the wisdom of fiscal strategy decisions a decade ago, and a focus on balanced budgets, paying off debt and long-term fiscal sustainability.

As a result, Australia has been in a strong position to weather the world’s financial and economic storms. It hasn’t come through the global financial crisis untouched, but it has remained a recession-free zone. No small feat, and one that demonstrates the value of policy making that considers more than just the short term.

Elizabeth Fells