Going Swiss

[Re: Britzerland: The UK’s relationship with the EU needs some Alpine air, yesterday]

I was so pleased to read Ruth Lea’s sensible article. I’ve long believed that the argument that we needing to be round the table of the EU to exert influence was totally spurious, especially because every other member state has a contradictory agenda to the UK. We’re ignored, and then we have laws, directives and regulations imposed upon us – we don’t want them, but we enact and follow them. To leave the EU would also have negligible effect on our trade. People buy our products because of quality and after-sales service, not because they happen to come from the same trading bloc.

David Peddy


Cheering spectacle

[Re: A spectacular triumph for the British monarchy, yesterday]

I think this article is wrong. Excessive media coverage gives the impression of a success. But the monarchy stands for privilege by birth, not success through hard work, and for taxpayer funded nostalgia, the opposite of what we need in our decrepitly socialist country. The Jubilee was an opportunity to put our heads in the sand and ignore reality.

Edward Fox

The monarchy’s role as capitalism’s defender is largely invisible as it mostly presents itself as a sentimental institution. But would it benefit from advertising its firmer, more contentious benefits?

Jon Bray