RAPID responses

Young enterprise

[Re: Gap in enterprise skills, Thursday]
I live in Walsall and we run enterprise activities every week in both primary and secondary schools. We also have 30 enterprise champions from the business community who commit to at least five in-school activities per year. Educational business partnerships are already doing the work described in this article, with zero core funding from the government

Lorenzo Cosco, school programme team leader at Walsall Education Business Partnership

It’s a good idea to encourage enterprise skills in children. But it should not be seen as a cheap alternative to university or further education for state school kids.

Richard Marcus


Employer rights

[Re: I should have the right to quit a job without being sued for resigning, Wednesday]
We are all employers. Every time you use a hairdresser, you are employing them. In its fullest logic, Vince Cable’s attacks on labour market flexibility would mean that once we have been to a hairdresser, we would have to keep going to the same one until they underperform or we go bald. If you want to argue that employers should not be able to get rid of employees whenever they like, make sure you understand its fullest logical implications. And with regard to Jamie Whyte leaving his employment – if he breached his contract, his employer could sue him for any consequential loss. That’s how contracts are supposed to work.

Tom Brannig


The cap on loss relief is not the action of a business-friendly government. Let’s hope consultation kills the measure off.

Kofi Annan’s plan to save Syria was naive from day one because it fundamentally misunderstood the nature of the Assad regime.

Should Britain seek a new deal with Europe? The trouble is we can’t trust the deal-makers.

I’m incredibly pessimistic about the Eurozone, and so find it very hard to care much about the pasty tax.