Mobile students

[Re: Are student visa curbs damaging Britain?, yesterday]

I wish to express my disagreement with Priti Patel on this issue. International students, and the money they bring, are one of the UK’s most lucrative exports. The majority of students who come to the UK leave afterwards and it’s a mistake to compare current student immigrants with the earlier rush last century. Today’s generation, by and large, comes from settled families, with stable incomes in their home countries. They have no need to come to the UK – Britain is no saviour for them. They are more than happy to study in another, competitor country if Britain turns the taps off this important industry.

Krishnan Unni Madathil


Business attitude

[Re: State and private school kids face gap in enterprise skills, yesterday]

While I agree with the key message, there is one aspect that needs further comment. Employability skills are critical to bridge the gap between pupils leaving education and successfully landing a role, irrespective of where you are educated. The gap could be addressed by creating a business readiness programme, concentrating on aptitude and attitude – other key business skills can be learned. A joint venture between education and business organisations could create more intensive and adaptable employability skills sessions, focusing on what businesses need, and therefore generating job creation onshore, rather than driving jobs offshore.

Graham Smith, director of Certeco