Women welcomed

The article by Jennifer Harris in Wednesday’s Forum rather misses the point on women in the boardroom. Voluntary quotas are quite different from compulsory targets. Earlier this year, voluntary EU quotas were proposed to bring women into high-level positions in business and I welcomed them. However, when later in 2011 the previously voluntary scheme turned into a legislative proposal for a 40 per cent quota for women on company boards, I voted against it. What David Cameron is putting forward is just what it should be: a self-regulatory initiative to increase women’s numbers on company boards, not a top-down Norwegian-style edict. Binding legislative targets are wrong and women don’t wish to be patronised in this way.

Marina Yannakoudakis,
MEP for London and Conservative spokesman on women’s rights



Re: America’s solar scandal. When the # of families in fuel poverty reaches critical mass, attitudes to green policies are likely to turn to outright hostility.

Paul Parkinson