RAPID responses

Holiday ending

[Re: What course should George Osborne take, Thursday]
A temporary VAT cut isn’t the answer. It’ll lead to a temporary surge in consumer spending, before falling back when the rate is restored. Similarly, a temporary cut in NIC isn’t a good enough reason for an employer to take on staff. They need to see sustainable long term business benefits resulting from the hire, like increased sales and margin. Businesses need permanent, sustainable reductions in taxation to release spending, not temporary holidays. We need labour market reforms. We need substantial public spending cuts reductions. We need a third runway at Heathrow.

David Peddy, managing director of Surgical Instrument Group Holdings


Name of the game

[Re: We must campaign with one voice to end financial illiteracy in the UK, Friday]
I totally agree with you about the need for consumers to be more financially literate. Can we then start with a definition of inflation. People, governments and NGOs use it to describe rising prices when it actually means falling money. Can we start by shaming economists who don’t know their subject.

Ian Edwards

[Re: Tackling football too hard over tax nets an own goal, Friday]
Peter Hackleton is right. Don’t give footballers a hard time over tax bills. Then again, why stop at footballers?

Mark Adlington


Tories down at Blair level polling. All that Cameron modernisation for nothing.

Can someone point me to the line in Leveson’s terms of reference where it says he’s to adjudicate on ministerial decisions?

I’m looking forward to Hollande’s victory in France so we can poach their brightest and prove that high taxation doesn’t work.

A significant minority voting against executive pay at Barclays. A sign of more activist shareholders or an isolated reaction?