Kept in plain sight

[Re: Plain packaging: a charter for counterfeiters, yesterday]
Plain packs are much easier to counterfeit. Slim cigarettes are rarely counterfeited because their pack design is of a non-standard size, and their artwork is difficult to reproduce without professional printing equipment. Plain packs standardise all pack sizes. This will increase the counterfeiters' charter no end and counterfeit cigarettes are incredibly dangerous. Does the government want to put smokers at risk? We mustn’t allow government-sanctioned theft of property rights so that the nannies of tobacco control can use someone else's property to promote their messages. It’s against freedom, fairness, and rule of law.

Jay Morgan


No need to wait

[Re: Your call is very important, Monday]
While easyJet welcomes independent surveys, conducted transparently and in a statistically rigorous way, this survey on call centre waiting times was neither transparent or statistically rigorous. The results don’t reflect customer waiting times, which we constantly monitor to ensure our customers receive a good service. In the last six months we have answered over half a million calls to our UK call centre number. On average, over 80 per cent of customers wait less than sixty seconds to speak with one of our customer service team and only 5 per cent of customers wait approximately two minutes or more.

Catherine Lynn, customer and revenue director at easyJet



The silence around freedom, liberty and privacy is, I agree, a disgrace. We will pay heavily for our collective apathy.

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Recent government blunders sum up why I’ll struggle to ever vote for the Conservatives again.

Tube strikes a week before the London vote. Another political disaster for Ken Livingstone.