Boomers bite back

[Re: Pensioners are winning out in Britain’s battle of the generations, yesterday]
Baby-boomers are not stealing their kids inheritance. People starting work then earned far less than their modern equivalents. Property may be comparatively more expensive nowadays, but cars and consumer goods in general are far cheaper.

Ian Mair

My wife and I are to retire within the next two years. We have worked for forty-five years, paying all that was demanded. We have been prudent, saving for retirement. However due to recent changes, we’re going to be thousands of pounds worse off each year than was projected and planned.

Michael Prior


Emerging exposure

[Re: It’s not all doom and gloom, Monday]
It’s great that most mid-sized UK firms are positive about the future. Recent Zurich research shows that three quarters of Britain’s mid-sized manufacturers are more optimistic about their industry than twelve months ago. Investec’s results match this outlook. However, while 47 per cent of the companies we asked told us that emerging markets represented their biggest opportunity, 60 per cent said they also felt “highly exposed” to the risks associated with such ventures. It is therefore vital that while mid-sized firms look to expand and grow in new territories, many will also require the insight and expertise to guide them and make this optimism a reality.

Dave Carey, head of corporate at Zurich UKGI



It’s madness to be hiking Air Passenger Duty and hitting business travel.

I agree that we are overtaxed in the UK. We need to cut public spending, something which this government has not delivered.

The problem is that the government spends too much not that it taxes too little.

Despite its potential, Argentina seems to be South America’s perennial loser. Brazil steps forward, but Argentina steps back.