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[Re: UK’s overtaxed public is running out of patience, yesterday]
Re: the airline passenger duty (APD). The problem is global warming. There’s a limit to how much CO2 we can pump into the high atmosphere (where it has about four times the impact as at sea level) without cooking the planet, and we've gone past it. Air travel has to become less popular. I'm not happy about this, but we have to live with it.

Eric Elmsboughs

Don't forget motor manufacturing when you talk about UK successes. Seven major international manufacturers, several smaller specialists and pretty much all F1 teams are based here, bringing in £60bn a year in GDP.

John Moss


Union of dunces

[Re: Is George Galloway’s victory a sign that the major parties are out of touch with voters?, yesterday]
There are huge vested interests that want to maintain the current three party monopoly in parliament. All three parties now espouse the same policies on the EU, Afghanistan, financial policy, regulation, taxation and benefits. All three answer to their respective paymasters, and are out of touch with the majority of the working and middle classes. This by-election in Bradford gave voters a credible alternative to this cosy monopoly of power. I can only hope that, at the next general election, all three get their just desserts for ignoring their core voters at the expense of their own self-serving agendas.

Peter Bullock



£50bn could be saved by scrapping HS2 and Trident. There’s no need to assault regional pay and public sector pensions.

The government is fuelling panic and not solutions. Ministers should stop creating diversions from elephants in the room.

Diane Abbott is wrong. Ed Miliband voted against an inquiry into the Iraq War. She treats the electorate with contempt.

1984 was meant to be dystopian fiction, not an instruction manual #telldaveeverything