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Action not reaction

[Re: An incompetent government hit by Spring of Discontent, Friday]
Didn't things seem to be going well a few months ago? I'm not convinced that a series of strike actions shows we've returned to the 70s. I lived through that decade, and things felt very different. Politicians got everything wrong. At least now, despite miserable mistakes, our political class is operating from sound underpinnings.

Craig Hawley

You're right to mention the strike at Stansted. This is the kind of selfish industrial action that Britain needs to legislate against. We need to make sure these vital workers won’t ruin holidays and business.

John Evans


Late to the party

[Re: Is E.ON/RWE's cancellation of new nuclear plants a danger to British energy security?, Friday]
It has been the contention of the economic and political establishment for decades, at least until the credit crunch, that the free market and the ability to trade freely made any form of industrial policy a redundant notion. E.ON and RWE's sudden decision to ditch their plans to build two new reactions illustrates that perhaps this reasoning was flawed, and will probably result in a shortfall in the electricity supply. But any realisation that we were wrong has come too late, if it has come at all. We need now to encourage the right companies to come in and provide for our long-term energy security.

Jonathan Matlock



Is the government trying to boost the economic figures by creating fuel panic? It’s getting a few much needed bucks on tax.

Great feature from @TimTomato in City A.M. pick up a copy for my thoughts on the rise of the suit and my movie #AMansStory.

Hard to disagree with you - the coalition government has become increasingly incompetent: little in way of vision.

Isn’t the right question: for such a great city, why are the mayoral options so poor?