Noisy protest

[Re: A third runway at Heathrow is essential if London is to be a globally competitive city, Friday]

The author is obviously well-informed on the issue, so could he elaborate on the noise implications? He states that noise pollution will be “minimised” with a third runway. What does that mean? That there will be no additional flights over west London? Or if there are, how many more a day and between what hours?

Steve Murphy


Tax poverty

[Re: Osborne’s middle class tax bombshell, Friday]

I sat down with a pen and paper last night and worked out I pay 53 per cent of my meagre salary (standard rate of tax) in tax of all kinds and I get almost nothing back for my contribution. How long before working people are given £10 a week pocket money and the rest is simply taken, to be given to whomever the government chooses?

George Davidson