Clean lines

[Re: Tax reform is long overdue: The coalition must act to boost long-term growth, yesterday]
Do you remember Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan? How about a UK version – 20-20-20? 20 per cent personal tax rate, 20 per cent corporate tax, 20 per cent VAT on everything? Alongside 20-20-20 most tax concessions should be eliminated: non-doms, film industry, pension contributions. A simple and elegant solution.

Colin English


Accounting tricks

[Re: Osborne must be bold and cut taxes, yesterday]
I suspect the chancellor will increase the personal allowance restriction and pre-announce that the 50p rate will go next year, while raising the 40p threshold by a reasonable amount. The former allows him to say he’s not scrapping 50p while we’re still in a crisis. The latter allows him to give vital help to middle England.

John Moss