Exemplary ETFs

BlackRock calls for high standards on disclosure for Exchange-traded fund (ETF) providers. We agree. That will only codify exactly what is already being delivered by the ETF community. ETFs have built an exemplary track record of delivering on straightforward performance objectives in a highly transparent and liquid environment.

Michael John Lytle, Managing Director, Source


Osborne on form

It is a welcome sight to see a British chancellor of the exchequer stand up against Brussels to ensure open markets and to fight off attempts to reduce the financial services sector in London. Using the language of diplomacy, George Osborne made it clear this week that he could not agree the text of new EU financial services regulations without a number of compromises. However, as with many battles in the EU, we need to be ever watchful, especially since the French and Italians made it clear they reserved the right to reopen the text in the process of negotiations between the Parliament, Council and Commission.

Syed Kamall, MEP for London and member ECON committee