Wilful ignorance

[Re: Britain’s war on the aspirational classes, Tuesday]
I agree with you about taxes. But I recall, in the run-up to the 2010 general election, listening to a radio show where callers claimed that the UK was a low-tax economy, thinking this was a bad thing. More recently we have seen support for a Tobin tax. With levels of public understanding like this, it is no wonder that ridiculous tax proposals are suggested.

Peter Salter


Borrowed time

[Re: Mortgage time-bomb UK’s top threat, Wednesday]
It is true that complacent borrowers could be in for a large shock if mortgage rates rise, but so too will the many households who have seen incomes frozen in the last four or five years. The increased cost of living has so far been offset by reduced mortgage payments. If this comes to an end, they will be faced with a serious crisis.

Jason Eaves