Euro exhaustion
We need long term economic restructuring to make the euro function by assisting struggling countries – flogging them through zero-growth austerity is pointless. I’m not sure the degree of political understanding or will to make the euro work is present any more. Chronic electoral and investor fatigue is making us too weary. If anyone suggests Eurobonds are the way forward, I shall scream.

Bill Blain, Senior Strategist, Newedge


Golden goose tax
As has been proved many times, excessive taxes are counterproductive and by international comparisons our higher rate income tax is now unquestionably uncompetitive. I thought that the death of communism had finally put paid to the ritual throttling of the golden goose. Unfortunately, we have a spineless Conservative-dominated government in hock to economically illiterate and hysterically self-righteous Liberal Democrats.

Mark Speeks