ICB bright side

The ICB report was puerile: a politically-inspired piece of financial vandalism. But with regulatory damage both capped and deferred, notwithstanding the dire macro outlook and dysfunctional political landscape, we still believe that we are into a (bumpy) period of UK bank share price recovery, but one in which, in relative terms, the “quality” names will continue to lag behind.

Ian Gordon, Evolution Securities


More cuts, please

I find myself agreeing with Ed Balls when he rejects the “absurd claim that Britain is some kind of safe haven and [must] plough on regardless with a plan that is not working.” Indeed.

George Osborne plans to borrow more over five years than Ball’s Labour borrowed in 13 years. Osborne must actually cut sharply, not simply increase the debt at a slower rate than Balls would have done – that is no cut.

Dan Tubb, BestInvest


Forensic Forum

Thank you for providing a forum for forensic rather than emotional debate. The more politicians and the media rubbish indiscriminately our financial systems and providers as untrustworthy and undeserving in confidence, the more they are likely to fail.

Simon Davis