Rank argues the case for single rate of gaming tax

TAX disparities between online and land-based gambling firms are unfair and harmful to the economy, Rank Group claimed yesterday.

The low taxes on operations based outside the UK, some as low as zero per cent, encourage the industry to migrate jobs and tax revenues outside the UK, according to a paper published by Rank.

With casinos employing on average 150 employees and bingo clubs employing 40 staff, Rank claims this could lead to heavy job losses.

Ian Burke, chief executive and chairman of Rank, said: “I believe that the government has the opportunity to create jobs in the UK without sacrificing tax receipts by replacing the current patchwork quilt with a single tax, at a single rate.”

The report also argues that placing the highest taxes on licensed land-based companies, with some taxes as high as 50 per cent, could encourage irresponsible gambling.