Rail passengers losing patience

Marion Dakers

BRITONS are less impressed with their train journeys than they were a year ago, with a survey out yesterday suggesting delays, infrequent trains and a lack of carriage space are to blame.

Infographic: Rail passengers satisfaction falls A poll of more than 26,000 passengers found that overall, 82 per cent are happy with the train service, down one percentage point from last year.

Seventy-eight per cent think their train is reliable enough, down three percentage points, and two-thirds think there is enough space for passengers, down two points.

Since last year, four of the 32 areas monitored by Passenger Focus have improved, while eight have declined.

“Passengers are now the main overall funder of Great Britain’s railway, so it is vital that their key needs are met,” said chief executive Anthony Smith.

The Association of Train Operating Companies responded: “While these results show that there is room for improvement, passengers are voting with their feet and taking more journeys than at any time since the 1920s on newer trains, with more services arriving punctually.”