Quarter of London opposes migrant cap

Julian Harris
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LONDONERS are more likely to oppose the Conservatives’ proposed cap on immigration than people in other parts of the UK, a poll by Ipsos MORI has revealed.

Almost one in four (23 per cent) Londoners oppose the policy – whereas across Britain as a whole, just 15 per cent are against the cap on migration from outside the European Union.

Around one in eight (12 per cent) respondents in the capital “strongly oppose” the cap, although the same number “strongly supports” the measure.

Over half (58 per cent) Londoners say immigration is good for the economy, while seventeen per cent disagree.

“The diversity of London as a whole tends to makes people more comfortable with living with people from a wide range of background,” said Ipsos MORI chief executive Ben Page.

The capital nurtures more positive attitudes to migration, agreed economist Philippe Legrain.

“This is even reflected by its mayor Boris Johnson, who has called for an immigration amnesty and is out of line with UK-wide Conservative views on migration,” Legrain said.