Q.Dear Andrew, having returned from a stay in a gorgeous hotel suite, I realise my own bedroom is rather dated. How do I create a more luxurious look?

A.First, how do you actually use your bedroom? Is it simply a place to sleep or does it also provide a sanctuary from a busy household? Do you also want to use it for watching television or for working?

The two most important things then to consider in a bedroom are the storage requirement and the bed. Storage in a bedroom is often overlooked but it makes the difference between a room you sleep in and a room you enjoy. So review your storage requirements – do you need more hanging space or are your drawers overflowing? Fitted furniture allows you to make use of all areas of an oddly-shaped bedroom but don’t try to fit out the whole room – you may feel boxed in. Freestanding items give you more flexibility, especially if you plan to move at some point or want to shift the furniture around to refresh the look.

If space allows always try to choose a king-size bed – it will be more comfortable. One trick to make it appear more upmarket is to use a super king-size duvet and bed linen; the extra fabric will appear more luxurious – and there won’t be fights over the duvet!

give your room the luxurious touch do try to include a full-length mirror – if you have space, go for a floor-standing mirror but if you are short of space, go for a mirror on the back of the door.

The ultimate luxury is a large armchair or chaise longue in your bedroom, especially if you have good views. Do remember to consider lighting for this area if you plan to spend evenings reading here.

Different types of lighting will help to create a good mood in the bedroom. A central pendant light provides general lighting but don’t choose a boring shade. A large chandelier can add interest here and don’t be afraid to go large when choosing this fitting.

The window treatments for the bedroom will also add another layer to the finished look. Heavy curtains will keep out the light and can appear stylish while roman blinds are a neat contemporary choice and can include a blackout lining.

Q.Dear Andrew, how can I create a feature wall in my home?

A.Feature walls have been very on-trend recently as a way of adding interest to homes that have been neutrally decorated. They allow you to add impact and drama and you can go as bold as you dare – because it is a confined area, the finish doesn’t have to be permanent. Chimney breasts and alcoves make excellent feature walls.

When selecting which wall to decorate, you should choose the one with minimal features – ie, few doors and windows. You are aiming for an expanse of colour so you don’t want to break it up.

Paint is a good option and you tend to be braver with your selection of paint colour for a feature wall than you would for the room as a whole. And if you don’t like it, you only have to repaint one wall.

If you prefer wallpaper, you can go bold with some of the large pattern papers that are available. For example, Vivienne Westwood has produced a range for Cole & Sons that could be used to add glamour to a bedroom.

Graphics are also becoming popular – have your favourite picture blown up and put on the wall.

Andrew Dunning is head designer at APD Interiors, an interior design consultancy, www.apdinteriors.com. Follow his design tips on Twitter: @andrewdunning