Publicity prized over sense

Trevor Steven
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FOOTBALL seems to be going through a bizarre &ldquo;publicity is everything&rdquo; phase at the moment, and although it makes for exciting stories to read, not all of it rests comfortably with me.<br /><br />Sven-Goran Eriksson&rsquo;s move to work as director of football at Notts County is strange to say the least.<br /><br />Yes, it&rsquo;s great to have quality people like Sven in our game, but to see him in a director of football role &ndash; and at League Two level &ndash; is a little disturbing, I must admit.<br /><br />I&rsquo;m not sure what Notts County have for a budget but it must be pretty substantial to have lured Sven, and now they bear all of the hallmarks of a club putting their money where their mouth is and buying their way to success.<br /><br /><strong>WAITING GAME</strong><br />Just 24 hours after the Sven revelations, we heard stories linking Diego Maradona to a role at Portsmouth. Personally, I will be astonished if Maradona arrives on the south coast. He does not speak the language and has no connection either with the club or English football as a whole. How could he be of any help to manager Paul Hart?<br /><br />Not only that, but Maradona has hardly done a great job as manager of Argentina, so I wouldn&rsquo;t imagine he&rsquo;d be top of anyone&rsquo;s wish-list.<br /><br />As you may have already guessed, I&rsquo;m not a great fan of the director of football role in football. I mean, when was the last time it brought success to any club? The only way I can see Maradona arriving at Portsmouth would be for a highly paid ambassador role, but then, why would he leave his job as national team manager?<br /><br />While silly season reigns elsewhere, the transfer window is suffering a bit of a lull at the moment with many clubs playing the waiting game before making one key signing.<br /><br />This is the point where managers assess their options in pre-season and iron out particular issues or voids in their club. It won&rsquo;t be long, however, before the panic sets in as the window nears its end and the transfer merry-go-round spins into overdrive.