Public spending cuts: now or later?

WITH a yawning budget deficit of £178bn, all parties agree that spending cuts are needed if the UK is to avoid a sovereign debt crisis. But they differ on when fiscal tightening should commence. We want to know what you think. To tell us, apply to join our special panel of members of London’s business and financial community at before 12pm and we’ll email you a quick survey. Those already on the panel will receive the survey by email this morning.

Today’s question is in two parts, as follows:

The UK's budget deficit is forecast to hit £178bn this year. With regards to the public finances, are you:
1) Very worried
2) Fairly worried
3) Not especially worried
4) Not worried at all
5) Don’t know

The main political parties say they will cut public spending after the general election (expected to be on 6 May), but differ on when to start cuts. Should cuts to public spending begin:
1) Shortly after a general election
2) In 2011
3) Later then 2011
4) We don’t need any cuts to public spending
5) Don’t know

• The survey closes at 4pm