The Prudential backs our appeal

Why is Prudential supporting Opportunity International?

Prudential is a leading player in a number of emerging markets and therefore we have first-hand experience of the importance of financial literacy. We like the way Opportunity International uses micro–credit, hand in hand with financial business training, to create opportunities that allow individuals to help themselves and maximise their own potential.

What makes Opportunity’s work unique?

Creating opportunities for people by empowering them and giving them skills, self–esteem and self–belief are important goals for organisations working to help others lift themselves out of poverty. This is exactly what Opportunity International does, by providing not only financial support through micro–loans, but also using education to help people make wise financial decisions.

Is it more important for people to give their time or their money?

At Prudential, we believe in sharing the skills of our global workforce with their local communities. Many of our employees play an active role through volunteering, making charitable donations and fundraising. Financial support is always important but it is the combination of all these resources that will enable us to make a more positive contribution to our communities across the globe. Our businesses fund projects directly and encourage employees to volunteer by giving them paid time off to pursue their charitable goals. For example, after the flash floods in Thailand in September last year, teams of Prudential volunteers visited to help repair and rebuild devastated communities.

Is there any other charitable involvement that is close to Prudential's heart?

Prudential will mark its 165th birthday next year and we have always been committed to helping our customers and more broadly, the communities in which we operate, safeguard their financial security and protect their future. An important element of this has been our commitment to focusing our charitable efforts on long–term, sustainable projects that have measurable benefits. We run a rigorous process every year to identify causes and organisations we can support to ensure that the resources we make available have a positive and lasting impact.

How does Prudential decide which charity to donate to?

Prudential works to make a strong contribution to all the communities we serve. Each of Prudential’s businesses provides support to charitable organisations through direct funding but also through making the experience and expertise of our employees available. Last year more than 7,200 employees across the Group gave up some of their time to help in their communities using their skills and knowledge to benefit others.


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