Protesters turn back on coffin but cheers drown out booing

Ben Southwood
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SEVERAL hundred protesters lining the route of Baroness Thatcher’s funeral procession yesterday could not make their boos heard above the sound of the more numerous supporters.

The protests were based around claims, which the government denies, that the funeral would cost £10m. The figure also ignores the contribution to be paid by the Thatcher family. Protesters’ boos and chants such as “waste of money” were drowned out by cheers from those gathered to mourn the Iron Lady.

The protesters held placards with messages such as “Boo!”, “Tory scum”, “Rest in shame”, and “Over £10m of our money for a Tory funeral”.

About two dozen of the opponents turned their back on the procession to signal their disapproval – but most of the people gathered clapped the casket going by.

Protesters’ earlier threats to throw coal or milk – symbolising Thatcher’s 1984-5 struggle with the mining unions and her decision as education minister to scrap free milk in schools – did not come to pass.