Property pirates go hunting for buried treasure in Broadgate

YESTERDAY lunchtime 36 property firms across the City rallied the troops to brave the gloomy weather and don costumes, all in the name of organised charity fun.

180 people from the property industry dashed around the Square Mile, following clues and taking in some of the City’s famous landmarks, to raise money for LandAid.

Peter Vernon from Grosvenor really got into the spirit of the day and agreed to let a passing magician pretend to chop his head off.

The death-defying stunt prompted clients and employees to pledge over £18,000 in donations.

Elsewhere in the City, one of The Capitalist's spies at the Milken Institute Summit couldn’t resist passing on some cheeky news.

Alan Schwartz, the former chief executive of Bear Stearns, was overheard sharing his thoughts on the Houses of Parliament: “Politicians are like diapers, they need changing regularly; and for the same reasons”.