Private bank Coutts auctions off designer jewellery boxes on eBay

PRIVATE bank Coutts is not the first institution The Capitalist would expect to find flogging its wares on online auction site eBay.

However on Sunday evening the virtual hammer went down in the bank’s public auction of 21 unique jewellery boxes, crafted by British designers Paul Smith, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Theo Fennell.

The online fundraiser was all in aid of worthy causes – arts education charity The Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts and apprenticeship scheme Holts Academy of Jewellery.

A grand total of £12,731 was made from the online lot, with designer Jimbobart’s animal-inspired box fetching the highest bid of £3,103.

“I really like the idea that some animals will help you by guarding your jewellery – and others will not help you, by stealing your jewellery” explained the designer. While we think he means magpies, rather than cat burglars, let’s hope that the mice that he’s drawn all over the intricately decorated box fall into the former category.

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