While the Xbox Kinect may have helped move gaming from the bedroom to the living room, the hardcore gamers, the guys (and they’re almost all guys) who spent their teenage years playing Counter Strike, still use PCs. Here is a look at three of the most powerful gaming laptops.

Dell Alienware M11x, from £900
You can tell the Alienware (pictured) is a gaming laptop; it glows red and has what appear to be the headlights from the Knight Rider car built into the front. It looks like it was designed by Doc Brown from Back to the Future. But with 4Gb of RAM and an Intel Core i7 processor, this 15.6 inch beast packs one hell of a punch.

MSI GT780DXR, from £1,500
It’s at the expensive end of the spectrum but you get what you pay for. Built for gaming, you can program colour-coded LEDs on the keyboard for late-night sessions, meaning you don’t even have to get up to switch the lights on. It packs an Intel Core i7 and an awesome 12Gb of DDR3 RAM.

Acer 5560G from £700
For a gaming laptop, £700 is a bargain. The Acer is smart, light and powered by AMD’s super-fast A8-3500M quad core processor. A great all-round laptop that knows how to handle itself.

To win your very own Acer 5560G, email the name of the game that Counter Strike was based on to steve.dinneen@cityam.com