Porsche: China will usurp Germany in three years

<div>CARMAKER Porsche said yesterday that emerging superpower China could usurp Germany as its second-largest market in less than three years, as wages in the country go up and demand for its sports sedan rockets.&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;</div>
<div>&ldquo;All premier manufacturers in China are showing good results,&rdquo; Porsche&rsquo;s China boss Helmut Broeker said.<br />&nbsp;</div>
<div>The carmaker is planning to add dealers to its Chinese arm, and move its office to financial capital Shanghai to boost &nbsp;sales.&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;</div>
<div>Porsche is the latest manufacturer to jump on the Chinese bandwagon, as companies like Audi, Jaguar and Daimler all move to offset a plunge in demand in Europe by selling more cars in China.<br />&nbsp;</div>
<div>Vehicle sales in China have rocketed 14 per cent this year, while the number has slumped 37 per cent in the US.<br />&nbsp;</div>
<div>A stimulus package in China has &nbsp;maintained growth in the ever-expanding &nbsp;economy. Porsche sales have increased by three per cent in China so far this year.</div>