Sara Hollamby
Style Counsel

THIS weekend I’m thinking close friends, glass of rose, tantalizing aromas from the barbie, bare shoulders, and a scent of roses – could it be a more perfect English summer’s weekend? So it’s time to put on that colourful maxi dress that’s been hanging in your wardrobe for the last few freezing weeks, and take your new thong sandals out of the box, hurrah! For a successful barbeque, there’s preparation; so too, to unleash the full impact of your new summery outfit. I’m sure you’ll have thought of shaving your legs and underarms, and maybe even some fake tan for a healthy Mediterranean glow, but what about your toes and finger nails? When you’re in sandals or peep-toe shoes your feet are on show. People tend to look at your face first, then your feet, and when bared and unkempt, they can cause quite a grimace. All week in the office we forget about them, but now it’s their time to shine, so make them pretty.

Give yourself a quick pedicure by soaking them in warm water for a couple of minutes and gently ease back the cuticles, removing any dead skin around the nails with an orange stick. Pumice your heels if necessary. Dry them and trim the nails with sharp scissors, straight across. Now rub in some Barielle Foot Care Cream (£16); this, along with Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream (£16) is fantastic – my number one recommendation for keeping nails strong and healthy, and feet soft and supple.

Rub the cream in again before you go to bed to give it time to work its magic, in the morning your feet will feel like rose petals. Use M&S Essentials Double Hard clear varnish (just £5) as a base, then add whatever colour you like. I don’t have time to do this process too often, so I like M&S’s sparkly soft pink varnish (£2.50), as it makes your toes look pretty without drawing too much attention.

For your hands, the process is similar with Barielle Nail Strengthening Cream – it’s brilliant for preventing splitting and flaking. Then use the Double Hard with or without a natural colour if you want it to last all week at work.

Sara Hollamby is a business image consultant with WorkingVoices.com. Email: sarahollamby@blueyonder.co.uk.