Police search MoD offices for clues over leak

POLICE were yesterday searching the Ministry of Defence (MoD) offices to try to find the source of a damaging leaked letter to the Prime Minister.

A highly sensitive document sent by Liam Fox to David Cameron was leaked to the press in which the defence secretary warned Cameron that making deep cuts to military spending while the country is at war will damage the Tories and hit soldiers’ morale.

The MoD said the investigation is internal and does not involve regular police. The government office would not confirm who ordered the investigation. In the strongly worded letter, Fox said the scale of planned defence cuts would have “grave political consequences” for the coalition.

Big defence cuts could “seriously damage morale” and undermine the armed forces’ capability, especially at sea, Fox said.

“It is likely to have grave political consequences for us, destroying much of the reputation and capital you, and we, have built up in recent years.

“Party, media, military and the international reaction will be brutal if we do not recognise the dangers and continue to push for such draconian cuts at a time when we are at war.”