PM calls for Euro reforms

Kasmira Jefford
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David Cameron has used his Lord Mayor’s banquet speech to describe the euro crisis as an “opportunity” for fundamental reforms to the European Union, calling for a renewed focus on growth, lower spending and less regulation.

He also suggested that it was in Britain’s interests to allow more trade with firms from countries such as Russia with less than perfect human rights records.

“I simply refuse to accept we have to choose between politics and trade... This is the place the planet looks to raise capital, float a business, set the price of the goods which power the world economy,” he told the Guildhall.

In his annual foreign policy speech, the Prime Minister asserted that Britain had a “profound national interest” in helping to resolve the EU crisis and maintaining its influence in the 27-member bloc.

He added that Britain needed to focus on forging stronger relationships with countries like Brazil, Russia to improve its prospects in an increasingly competitive global environment.