Plumber pays tribute to Maggie by putting her face on blue vans

LONDON plumbing firm Pimlico Plumbers paid a moving tribute – literally – to Baroness Thatcher yesterday by repainting the signage on its fleet of blue vans.

Charlie Mullins, founder of the business, credits Thatcher’s policies with giving him the opportunity to build his business, which now employs 230 people in the capital.

As a tribute, the vans are now bearing a picture of Thatcher and a “black armband”.

Mullins told The Capitalist that Thatcher “gave people like me a lot more opportunities to get on. For anyone who worked hard, there was no reason why they couldn't be successful”.

Bringing a touch of levity to yesterday’s funeral, the Bishop of London Richard Chartres (pictured) shared a personal memory of Lady Thatcher with the world: “She was always reaching out and trying to help in typically un-coded terms. I was once sitting next to her at some City function. In the midst of describing how Hayek’s Road to Serfdom had influenced her thinking, she suddenly grasped my wrist and said very emphatically, ‘Don’t touch the duck paté, Bishop – it’s very fatten-ing.’”

Yesterday appeared to be a “nice day for a trading update” for one Falklands company. The AIM quoted Falkland Islands Holdings firm released a pre-close trading update yesterday, coincidentally on the morning of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. When asked if the timing of the statement was a nod towards Baroness Thatcher, chairman of Falkland Islands Holdings David Hudd told The Capitalist that there was no relevance in the date – “it was always going to be released today” promised Hudd.