Plenty of black ties at white collar boxing

WHITE collar boxing will have a distinctly black tie edge to bouts at the Grange Hotel on Thursday evening.

The hotel near St Paul’s will play host to faces from all around the Square Mile, from PR spinners to bankers and lawyers, as our amateur fighters slug it out to raise money for childhood cancer charity William’s Fund at the Brawl Street Boxing event.

The Capitalist hears founder of Tulchan Andrew Grant will be squaring off along with several senior partners from law firm Jones Day, while bankers from Credit Suisse will be sparring against Barclays heavyweights.

Grant has been in the news recently when his firm lost the Marks & Spencer account after the retailer’s results were leaked early.

But having turned 50 this year, perhaps the spinner is weaving a new web by taking on the boxing challenge.

Certainly he proves that, whatever professional defeats he has faced, he is in no way down for the count. And who in the City doesn’t love a man who comes back fighting?