Plantic signs with Germans for US push

PLANTIC Technologies, the Aim-listed bio-plastics firm, has announced a new distribution agreement with Klockner Pentaplast as part of its plans to expand in the US.

Klockner Pentaplast is a producer of packaging materials for the pharmaceutical, medical device, food, and printing industries and will exclusively sell Plantic rigid sheet products in the Americas, replacing the current distributor Du Pont.

According to Plantic, Klockner Pentaplast’s focus on biodegradable packaging products suits its plans.

President of Klockner Michael Tubridy said: “The Plantic product line compliments our portfolio of plastic packaging films by offering a unique end-of-life disposal option.

Based on a renewable resource, this film offers our customers an option in helping meet their sustainable packaging goals.”

Plantic announced a new range of eco-plastics this month.

Plantic chief executive Brendan Morris said: “We are excited about entering the next phase of Plantic rigid films expansion into the Americas. Klockner Pentaplast is an established global market leader ... and has extensive knowledge of the packaging markets.”